Our project consortium consists of a well-balanced team of international experts in museum practice, theory, and policy who have experience in working in international teams.

The project is coordinated through the Museums, Galleries and Collections Institute at the University of St Andrews (MGCI). MGCI is located within the School of Art History https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/arthistory/ which was recently ranked second in the UK for research excellence. MGCI carries out research, education and training in cultural heritage, with a particular focus on museums, art galleries and historic houses, and their collections. The Institute collaborates on research projects with museums, galleries and other institutions in Britain and around the world, including consultancy work in the museum sector, academic research, and museum training: https://www.st- andrews.ac.uk/arthistory/research/mgci/.

The project consortium consists of 8 international partners, as detailed in the list and map below.


  University of St Andrews, Sctoland, UK https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/
  University of Valencia, Spain http://www.uv.es/
  National Museum of Archaeology, Lisbon, Portugal  http://www.museuarqueologia.pt/
  International Council of Museums, Paris, France http://icom.museum/
  University of the West Indies, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago http://www.uwi.edu/
Austral University of Chile
  Pontifical Catholic University of Peru http://www.pucp.edu.pe/
  National Museum of Costa Rica http://www.museocostarica.go.cr/