EU-LAC-MUSEUMS international advisors


The organisational structure of the EU-LAC-MUSEUMS project consists of the project coordinator, an Advisory Board, a Steering Committee, and individual work package leaders within participating countries. All partners are employed within research-intensive universities, museums, and policy- making bodies, ensuring ample opportunity for exchange and dissemination of research findings within a vibrant EU-LAC research climate.

The project Advisory Board consists of word-leading experts in EU-LAC relations in world culture and heritage, selected for their distinct areas of expertise. The role of the Advisory Board is to make comments on the running of the project, and to make recommendations on its direction on a punctual basis. In addition, they will partake in project symposia and provide keynote talks as invited.

Advisory Board

Hugues de Varine (Consultant, former Director General of ICOM)
Peter Davis (Professor of Museum and Heritage Studies, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne)
Beatriz Espinoza (Chair, ICOM Chile)
Teresa Morales (Director, Museos Comunitarios network)


Steering Committee

Lauran Bonilla-Merchev (Chair, ICOM Costa Rica; Secretary, ICOM-LAC)
Samuel Franco Arce (Chair, ICOM-LAC)
Luis Raposo (Chair, ICOM-Europe; Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Lisbon)
Gustavo San Roman (Professor of Spanish, University of St Andrews)


The project was conceived and continues to be supported by the networks of ICOM-Europe and ICOM-LAC, whose Presidents serve on our project Steering Committee:

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