In community museums, the exhibited objects represent (or are part of) an intangible cultural heritage. We propose the creation of a database that integrates an object-oriented inventory with an intangible cultural heritage-oriented inventory.

The contents of the website will be easier to search and access if we place all the cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) in a single database, even though the registration fields are not all the same for these two types of cultural heritage. In addition, an item placed in the database may contain a publication, several image files, a video file or an audio file. Or just one of these elements.

One of the objectives of this initiative is to encourage small community museums to contribute to a global online inventory. To achieve this it is necessary to create a "short version" of inventory, which can be complemented by researchers and other contributors. This "short version" allows you to upload documents (PDF), videos, images and audio in a fast way respecting copyright and ownership of Community holders.