Evaluation of cultural heritage, geographic information system and territory museum [EN]

Evaluación del patrimonio cultural, sistema de información geográfica y territorio museo [ES]

Authors: Jorge Hermosilla Pla, Mónica Fernández Villarejo, Ghaleb Fansa, Sandra Mayordomo Maya, Miguel Antequera Fernández, Esther Haro Carrasco, Roberto Escrivá Almiñana

Implementation in territory museums.

Evaluación del Patrimonio Cultural, Sistema de Información Geográfica y Territorio Museo. Instrumentos para la Gestión Sostenible.

The enigma of Arrival

WP7: Exhibiting Migration and Gender

Authors: Alissandra Cummins, Varsha Persaud, Kaye Hall, Natalie McGuire-Batson.

The Barbados Museum & Historical Society was appointed to implement the activity entitled ‘Exhibiting Migration and Gender’, a deliverable of the EU-LAC Museums Project.

Virtual expo



Companion Reader



Exibition panels




Strategic Planning and Comprehensive Management Model of Cultural Heritage. Implementation in Territory Museums [EN]

Planificación estratégica y modelo de gestión integral del patrimonio cultural Aplicación a los territorios museos [ES]

Authors: Jorge Hermosilla Pla, Mónica Fernández Villarejo, Ghaleb Fansa, Sandra Mayordomo Maya, Miguel Antequera Fernández, Esther Haro Carrasco, Roberto Escrivá Almiñana

This publication focuses on the theory of territorial planning for heritage and sustainable development.

La publicación se centra en la teoría de la planificación territorial para el patrimonio y el desarrollo sostenible.



On Community and Sustainable Museums | Sobre Museos Comunitarios y Sostenibles

WP8 D8.9 Compendium of Sustainable Community Museums (led by MNA/DGPC)

Edited by Karen Brown, Peter Davis, Luís Raposo

The aim of this Book of Community and Sustainable Museums is to share the experience and knowledge of our project Advisors - Beatriz Espinoza, Hugues de Varine,Teresa Morales Lersch, and Peter Davis - concerning the key concepts and features of community and sustainable museums.

El objetivo de esta publicación sobre museos comunitarios y sostenibles es compartir la experiencia y el conocimiento de nuestros asesores del proyecto – Beatriz Espinoza, Hugues de Varine, Teresa Morales Lersch y Peter Davis - con respecto a los conceptos y las características clave de los museos comunitarios y sostenibles.





Ecomuseums, Community-Based Museology, Heritage Management & Sustainable Tourism

This bibliography has been prepared by the Museums, Galleries and Collections Research Institute, School of Art History and Museum & Gallery Studies, University of St Andrews, as part of the EU-LAC Museums research project. It has been edited by Sherill Keefe and Thea Bjoeranger under the guidance of Dr Karen Brown, and has benefitted especially from the very generous contributions of Dr Gerard Corsane, Professor Peter Davis, and Hugues de Varine.


Characterization of the Museums Network

WP3: Chile Case Study (led by UACh)

Karin Weil, Laura Fuquene, Gustavo Blanco, Simón Urbina y Crsitobal Bize

This document is the result of field work carried out between May and June 2017, which aimed to facilitate the approach between the museums and cultural centers that make up the Network of Museums and Cultural Centers of Los Ríos Region, in order to know in greater depth their diverse realities from quantitative and qualitative aspects referring to territory, users and communities.



Experiences from the Bi-Regional Youth Exchange

WP4: Bi-Regional Youth Exchange

This booklet has been developed in collaboration within the "Museum Education for Social Inclusion" Work Package 4 of the EU-LAC-MUSEUMS project.
The Bi-Regional Youth Exchange was coordinated by the Museums, Galleries and Collections Institute (MGCI) within the School of Art History at the University of St Andrews (Scotland), Museo Nacional de Costa Rica (Costa Rica), Red de Museos Comunitarios de América (Mexico), Universidade do Porto (Portugal) and Museu Nacional de Arqueologia (Portugal).

Dr Karen Brown, University of St Andrews, Scotland
Jamie Allan Brown, University of St Andrews, Scotland
Ronald Martínez Villarreal, Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, Costa
Rica Paula Menino Homem, Universidade do Porto, Portugal



WP5: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Museums (led by UVEG)

Milestone 12 – Design and testing of a model of O.S.P.

UVEG’S research team has led WP5 to pursue the EU-CELAC Actions of “Sustainable development; environment; climate change; biodiversity; energy”, and “Investments and entrepreneurship for sustainable development”. This milestone is intended to aid in the management of museums and sustainable parks (suitable to become museums) and gives the example of the application of the model in Peru.



WP6: Peru Case Study (led by PUCP)

Milestone 9 – Models of Intervention for Sustainability

PUCP’s research team has sought to develop a model of sustainability based on best practice from the region, then implement and test this model within specific museums with whom they have existing good relations, and finally evaluate the model for the benefit of European, Latin American and Caribbean partners in the project.

El equipo de investigación de PUCP ha buscado desarrollar un modelo de sostenibilidad basado en las mejores prácticas de la región, luego implementar y probar este modelo en museos específicos con los que tienen buenas relaciones existentes, y finalmente evaluar el modelo en beneficio de los europeos, latinoamericanos y Socios caribeños en el proyecto.


Virtual exhibition

WP2: Technology and Innovation for Bi-Regional Integration (led by MNA/DGPC)

It is now available for web consultation and small sixed printing (up to A3) the first exhibition produced by our Consortium. In the near future a second version, able to print in large formats (ideally, 0,80x2,00m each panel) will also be available.

This exhibition presents the Project fundaments, the Consortium and a set of selected Community Museums in each partner’s country or region. It is intended to be both a disseminating as a challenging tool: all suggestions allowing us to improve our data bases of community museums in the entire EU-LAC regions are most welcomed. EU-LAC-MUSEUMS Project also strongly incentivizes possible interested users to digitally disseminate this exhibition.

All museums or similar institutions wanting to print in real size and present this exhibition are kindly invited to inform the Project (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), so to get permission and potentiate possible common interests.






Milestone 21 – Presentations to youth conferences

WP4: Museum Education for Social Inclusion and Cohesion (led by USTAN)

Youth Programme Worker at the University of St Andrews presented the bi-regional youth exchange at various conferences.


Manual on creating 3D objects for community museum use

Manual para Digitalización en 3D y tecnologías esféricas

WP4: Museum Education for Social Inclusion and Cohesion (led by USTAN)

The research team at St Andrews have produced a Manual on creating 3D objects for community museum use. The aim of the manual is to instruct local people in how to make 3D objects using photogrammetry in particular. The manuals have been researched during and used alongside workshops in the EU-LAC project, and afterwards by community groups continuing to digitise and send data to the project.

3D workshops report