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Manuel Roldán Galisteo, 2010 in Unesco ICH website
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Tamboradas drum-playing rituals
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Tamboradas drum-playing rituals are loud, group rituals based on the simultaneous, intense beating of thousands of drums, played uninterruptedly for days and nights in public spaces in towns and villages. Each year, this creates a captivating landscape of sound and identity in an atmosphere charged with emotion and an intense feeling of collective communion. The tamboradas are part of the Catholic Holy Week celebrations, and have special significance according to different places, days and times. Everywhere, whether religious and devotional or secular and playful, the practice creates a landscape of sensations and mutual respect. The costumes, instruments, drum beats and drum rolls generate a rich local craft in which families and women play an important role. Shared meals in public spaces also enhance the feeling of friendliness. Communities prepare for the ritual all year round and are organized into different groups.
Community or culture | Comunidad o cultura | Comunidade ou cultura
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organized groups
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Social practices rituals and festive events | Prácticas sociales y eventos festivos | Práticas sociais e celebrações
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Cyclical festivities | Fiestas cíclicas | Festividades cíclicas
Periodicity | Periodicidad | Periodicidade
Transmission | Trasmisión | Transmissão
Transmitted within the groups by the most experienced individuals, and the transmission process generates a strong sense of belonging to the group and a deep connection with the ritual among the entire community. Various events ensure the intergenerational transmission of the practice, such as children’s and national tamboradas, drum roll and embroidery workshops, and competitions.