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1980 by Cordova City Council in Unesco ICH website
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Fiesta of the patios
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For twelve days at the beginning of May, the city of Cordova celebrates the Fiesta of the Patios. The patio houses are communal, family or multi-family dwellings or sets of individual houses with a shared patio, located in the city’s historical quarter. This characteristic cultural space boasts an abundant array of plants, and during the fiesta inhabitants freely welcome all visitors to admire their beauty and the skill involved in their creation. The patios also host traditional singing, flamenco guitar playing and dancing. Ancestral practices of sustainable communal coexistence are shared with people who visit through expressions of affection and shared food and drink. The fiesta is perceived as an integral part of this city’s cultural heritage, imbuing it with a strong sense of identity and continuity. It requires the selfless cooperation of many people from all age groups, social strata and backgrounds, promoting and encouraging teamwork and contributing to local harmony and conviviality. It is guided by secular traditions, knowledge and skills, which take form in the luxuriant, floral, chromatic, acoustic, aromatic and compositional creativity of each patio – an expression of the symbolism and traditions of Cordovan community, and especially the residents who dwell in these patio houses.
Community or culture | Comunidad o cultura | Comunidade ou cultura
Communities of Cordovs
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Cordova City Council, 2012 in Unesco ICH website
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2010 by José Luis Martínez Herray in Unesco ICH website
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2010 by Rafael Morales Ruiz, Cordova City Council in Unesco ICH website
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2010 by Claveles y Gitanillas Association in Unesco ICH website
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2008 by Claveles y Gitanillas Association in Unesco ICH website


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Cyclical festivities | Fiestas cíclicas | Festividades cíclicas
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