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Averil Shepherd
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Burry Man of South Queensferry
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The Burryman or Burry Man is the central figure in an annual procession which takes place on the second Friday in August in South Queensferry, north of Edinburgh, on the south bank of the Firth of Forth. The custom is associated with, but separate from, the town's Ferry Fair. The meaning and origins of this ceremony are now unclear. The Burry Man himself is a local man almost completely covered, as the image illustrates, in sticky burrs, leaving only the shoes, hands and two eye holes exposed. On the day, he is paraded around the the town for several hours, helped by two assistants, stopping at points along the route for a drink of whisky which, due to his costume, has to be drunk through a straw.
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South Queensferry inhabitants
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Queensferry, Lothian - starting & ending at The Stags Head on the High Street
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Averil Shepherd
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There is no-one else like the Burry Man – a man encased completely in a costume composed of thousands of burdock heads, wearing a flowery bowler hat. He has two attendants who help him through the long day, and uses staves to support his arms and stop them sticking to his body. He walks the streets of the town for hours, covering about 7 miles in what is believed to be a luck-bringing custom. Whisky is regularly offered to him on his rounds (also for luck) and because his face is also covered with burrs attached to a knitted balaclava, he drinks it through a straw.
The Burry man is associated with the local Ferry Fair which takes place the following day with parades, concerts, fancy dress, bands and the crowning of the Ferry Queen.
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2nd Friday in August
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