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3D Workshops Report
3D Workshops Report
This report details and provides evidence for a series of workshops held to promote the use of 3D and spherical technologies in museums associated with the EU-LAC-MUSEUMS project.

Author(s): Alan Miller, Catherine Cassidy, Iain Oliver, Adeola Fabola, Karen Brown and Jamie Allan Brown

Dr Karen E. Brown: Project Coordinator
Karen is Coordinator of the EU-LAC-MUSEUMS project, working closely with Project Administrator and Youth Programme Worker, Jamie Brown. She is a member of the Board of the European Regional Alliance of ICOM, Lecturer in Museum & Gallery Studies, and Director of the St Andrews Museums, Galleries and Collections Institute. Karen provides strategic direction and vision to the Virtual Museum design and workshop delivery. Karen brings her world class expertise in curation and interpretation to the new challenges that the digital domain offers.

Dr Alan Miller: Lead on 3D and Immersive Technologies
Alan has extensive experience in applying immersive technologies to create Smart Tourism and Heritage applications. He has worked with museums and galleries in developing award winning digital visitor facing exhibits including an installation of the St Kilda digital world heritage site for the Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum. Alan leads in 3D design, delivery of the workshops and overseas digital development of the virtual museum.

Dr Iain Oliver: Research Fellow
Iain leads our systems engineering work and in developing the Virtual Museum toolkits. His Ph.D was in traffic engineering for virtual environments. Since then he has developed immersive systems for museums and the Virtual Time Binocular framework. Iain has also expertise in laser scanning, structured light and photogrammetry. He has produces high quality 3D models and makes them available through the web and mobile apps.

Catherine Cassidy: Research Fellow
Catherine brings her background in Museum and Galleries Studies to the mix. She recently curated the successful SKYWARD exhibition, which won critical acclaim for its innovative use of technology. Catherine brings expertise in curation and digital design. She specialises in the promotion of 360 scenes and digital artefacts through Social Media campaigns.

Adeola Fabola: PhD Candidate
Adeola is a PhD candidate with the Open Virtual Worlds project at St Andrews, he is working with digital artefacts, 3D Scanning as well as live and immersive technologies. Google cardboard for groups, live drone tours and accessing remote locations from your desktop all feature in Adeola’s research. Adeola is currently on an Internship at the Timespan museum creating and archiving digital artefacts.

Jamie Allan Brown: Project Youth Programme Worker and Project Administrator

Jamie is the Project Youth Programme Worker and Project Administrator for EU-LAC-MUSEUMS. Jamie has extensive experience in youth work and community development, internationaly and in Scotland. Jamie leads in the project’s youth programme, delivery of our social media posts and professional administion of the overall project.
University of St Andrews
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