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EU-LAC MUSEUMS Participants from Portugal: Getting the Blog started
EU-LAC MUSEUMS Participants from Portugal: Getting the Blog started

EU-LAC MUSEUMS Participants from Portugal: Getting the Blog started and discussing the Community.

Portuguese youth participants create blog where they will be sharing their experience

In the second weekend of February, the participants gathered together in their local museums to create the blog space they will be using for the duration of the project. With the help of the museum professionals, each duo adapted and decorated their blog space accordingly and published their greetings for their colleagues from overseas. The group will also be updating the blog regularly with posts from their everyday lives, their communities and experiences. Everyone is invited to visit the blog, which can be accessed through the following URL: .

The teams also addressed and discussed the topic of Community: what does it mean, what does it entail? To answer these questions (and many others) the group elaborated a work plan and list including members of the community and artists in order to guide them through their quest.

Contrary to the teams from Barcelos and São João da Madeira, the participants from Penafiel gathered in the early morning of Sunday, the 12th of February, at the Social Center of Lagares, as later that day the two girls would be playing with their music band, being music and instruments an important aspect of their community.

Hat Museum, São João da Madeira; Pottery Museum, Barcelos; Municipal Museum of Penafiel
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Creation of Blog and getting to know the Community
EU LAC MUSEUMS, Hat Museum, Pottery Museum, Municipal Museum of Penafiel and Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto



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