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International Symposium - Defining the Museum of the 21st Century
International Symposium - Defining the Museum of the 21st Century
Presentations and key speakers have been confirmed for the upcoming International Symposium Defining the Museum of the 21st Century. 25 November 2017 St Andrews, Scotland in collaboration with ICOFOM - International Committee for Museology.

Defining the Museum of the 21st Century is organised by Museum and Galleries Studies staff at University of St Andrews, Dr Karen Brown, Ann Gunn, Nicôle Meehan, Dr Ulrike Weiss and Jamie Allan Brown.

This conference, open to all informed researchers within and outwith the International Council of Museums (ICOM), is hosted by the University of St Andrews Museums, Galleries and Collections Institute (MGCI) in the School of Art History, and is being promoted under the umbrella of the EU-LAC-MUSEUMS project, funded by the European Commission Horizon2020 programme.

It will form part of an international debate on the definition of the museum taking place under the auspices of ICOFOM – ICOM’s forum for Museology. This multi-lingual discussion began in Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris in June 2017, and continues in a suite of symposia in Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Iran, China and other venues in 2017-18. A tri-lingual publication in English, Spanish and Portugese is being planned in collabroation with UNDAV Buenos Aires and UNIRIO Rio de Janeiro.

“Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage – How the Role of Museums is Evolving in Response to a New Heritage Protection Paradigm.”

Janet Blake (Shahid Beheshti University, Iran)

Associate Professor of Law at the Shahid Beheshti University (Tehran) where she teaches International and Human Rights Law and is a member of the UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, Peace and Democracy.

“Wanted: An Aura – The paradox of an open-ended art institution and the need for a definition.”

Ruth Direktor (Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel)

Ruth is the Curator of Contemporary art in Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Between 2011-2014 she was the Chief Curator of Haifa Museum of Art.Throughout the years she has been teaching in art academies, focusing on different issues of contemporary art.

“Redefining Contemporary Museums – An East African Perspective.”

Rosalie Hans (University of East Anglia, England)

Rosalie Hans is conducting doctoral research at the Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia in Norwich. She is investigating the development of contemporary museums in eastern Africa and the impact of different stakeholders on this process.

“The social role of museums in the 21st Century, according to the recommendations of the Santiago Round Table of 1972: a philosophical and political reflection.”

Cristóbal Bize & Karin Weil (Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile)

Cristóbal Bize

Doctor in Human Science, Universidad Austral de Chile. Research interests include recent Chilean history, including the struggle to preserve the memory of contemporary Chile, with numerous papers, essays and books published on the subject.

Karin Weil

Anthropologist, MBA. Expert in territorial and community-based cultural and heritage management. Lead researcher in Chile for the EU-LAC-MUSEUMS project and Coordinator of the Museums and Cultural Centres Network of the Los Ríos Region.

“It’s the principles that matter!”

Graham Black (Nottingham Trent University, England)

Professor of Museum Management and Interpretation at the Nottingham Trent University with extensive museum and heritage consultancy experience.
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