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Second Facilitator’s Workshop: “Our Vision of Change.” Rey Curré, Costa Rica
• Workshops train facilitators of community youth groups, involved in the international exchange organized through the EULAC-MUSEUMS project.

The second workshop to train facilitators for the “Our Vision of Change” project was held from May 4th to 6th, at the Community Museum Yimba Cajc, in the indigenous territory of Rey Curré, Costa Rica. Facilitators from the community museums of Boruca, Rey Curré and San Vicente de Nicoya participated in the event, organized and coordinated by the Network of Community Museums of Costa Rica, the Union of Community Museums of Oaxaca and the National Museum of Costa Rica, all partners of the EULAC-MUSEUMS project.

This workshop gave continuity to the process begun in September 2016, to train facilitators who carry out monthly workshops and exchanges with youth groups of secondary schools in each one of the participating communities. The objective is to learn about, reflect upon, represent and develop initiatives around the historical memory of each community, from their own perspective and organized effort.

Around the theme “Our Vision of Change”, these young people will carry out conversations with elders, research, reflections and representation of their communal traditions. At the same time, they will participate in the exchange program of EULAC-MUSEUMS with youth groups linked to museums in Scotland and Portugal.
Participants recognized the value of the exercises they learned, including “to carry out interviews with elders, draw their silhouette and represent our community’s past and present within this image. To understand the meaning of “leaving a mark.” To share knowledge.” (

The next steps involve activities in each community, based on the collaborations established by the community museums. Boruca, Rey Curré and San Vicente continue their work with greater intensity, preparing the first exchange for this coming August, when youth groups from Europe will visit Costa Rica. To this end more planning and coordination meetings are foreseen.

At present, the facilitators return to their communities, united by their commitment to their community memory and way of life.

Ronald Martínez Villarreal MNCR / EULAC MUSEUMS
Translate by Teresa Morales
Indigenous Territory of Rey Curré / Yimba Cajc
Costa Rica
Start date
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Training workshop
National Museum of Costa Rica, Network of Community Museums of Costa Rica, the Union of Community Museums of Oaxaca
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