In Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Defining the Museum of the 21st Century

    Defining the Museum of the 21st Century

    Speakers Confirmed for the International Symposium! 25 November 2017 St Andrews, Scotland
  • The use of 3D digitisation in Museums: a workshop and manual to make it easy.

    The use of 3D digitisation in Museums: a workshop and manual to make it easy.

    This workshop, oriented by Alan Miller and his team, was directed towards all museums professionals and museums lovers in having interest in photography or digital interpretation and would like to learn more.
  • Museus, Comunidade e Turismo

    Museus, Comunidade e Turismo

    Museus, Comunidade e Turismo, um triângulo virtuoso? EULAC MUSEUMS assisted the organizers in elaborating the program and inveted experts from different origins which were present in Portugal for the kick-off meeting of the Project.
  • Bravery and a sense of place in abandoned lands: the role of eco- and community museums

    Bravery and a sense of place in abandoned lands: the role of eco- and community museums

    The round-table on “Bravery and a sense of place in abandoned lands: the role of eco- and community museums” has taken place in the frame of the Museums Association Conference & Exhibition 2016, held in Glasgow

Community Museums

Where do we stand?

Understanding "community museums" in a bi-regional context is one of the aims of our project. Definitions of both "museums" and "community" are open to debate, and when the words come together to signify an entity the matter becomes even more complicated. And yet, what we can say is that in both Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the term "community museum" / "museo comunitario" is being used to describe a special kind of museum which has certain values in common, including the agency of the community in the conception, design, and governance of their local museum. During this project we will research best practice in community museology and run a series of workshops on this topic. The outcomes will feed into discussions about the new ICOM Definition of a Museum to be revealed in 2019. The first of these workshops was held in Lisbon during our Kick-Off meeting in October 2016, and in 2018 the University of St Andrews will host an international conference on "The Definition of the Museum in the 21st Century" under the auspices of ICOFOM: ICOM's museology group. This meeting will form part of an international effort to define the museum taking place in multiple countries internationally, beginning in Paris in June 2017: http://network.icom.museum/icofom


Virtual Museum and Media Files

One of the first major research outputs from the University of St Andrews is the creation of a bespoke EU-LAC-MUSEUMS Virtual Museum. In this section, we will highlight the major outputs of the Virtual Museum, and provide the EU-LAC 3D website URL which you can click to enter into our new virtual space! Intergenerational 3D Workshops are being held in 3 European, 3 Latin American and 3 Caribbean countries. The results are being shared here for our regions and for the world to see!

Stepping into a museum and exploring a culture’s stories, traditions and artefacts no longer requires an expensive plane ticket. Through digital technologies, a visitor can explore remote museums, digitally handle objects and learn about a culture’s distinct traditions and stories from the comfort of their home. The Virtual Museum, specifically created for the EU-LAC project, is the media hub for all content produced during 3D workshops. The site will continue hosting materials produced by museums following the instruction of the seminars, and enable contribution from community members. The virtual museum also offer instruction for those eager to learn the techniques used to create the digital media seen on the site.

EU-LAC-MUSEUMS Youth Exchange

Costa Rican, Portuguese and Scottish Young People engage in our EU-LAC museum exchange.

EU-LAC-MUSEUMS will facilitate an exciting and empowering bi-regional youth exchange between Latin America and Europe. 24 young people: 12 from Costa Rica, 6 from Portugal and 6 from Scotland. Each month, these 24 young people will take part in workshops discussing their rural community, identity, heritage, culture whilst building their self-confidence. In between workshops, the young people will be encouraged to visit the their local community museums, as well as document their journey through an online blog and Instagram.

The first Scottish EU-LAC Youth blog is now live!  


The first Portuguese EU-LAC Youth blog is now live! 


The first Costa Rican EU-LAC Youth blog is coming soon.


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