Report 2 on 3D Workshops

Alan Miller, Catherine Cassidy, Iain Oliver, Adeola Fabola and Karen Brown

D4_2 Report on 3D Workshops
This report details and provides evidence for a series of workshops held to promote the use of 3D and spherical technologies in museums associated with the EU-LAC-MUSEUMS project.
In PART I of this report, 3D Workshops Overview, an overview of the workshops is provided, followed by a summary of activities in each museum. This includes numbers of participants, the digital outputs created by the workshops and links to the outputs. The series of workshops have been completed, work continues on the presentation and description of the outputs. The 3D team constructed a series of workshops, which were designed to make it easy for community museums to work with 3D and spherical technologies. The goal was to enable the creation of high quality digital content using commodity hardware readily available to hosting museums and workshop participants.
In PART II, we report upon Technology, Innovation and EU-LAC 3D, outlining the research findings of the workshops and explaining the virtual museum framework. A virtual museum framework was developed to showcase the digital outputs of the workshops.

  • digital contents
  • exhibiting
  • technology
  • innovation
  • Heritage
  • Museums