WP2: Technology and Innovation for Bi-Regional Integration (led by MNA/DGPC)

It is now available for web consultation and small sixed printing (up to A3) the first exhibition produced by our Consortium. In the near future a second version, able to print in large formats (ideally, 0,80x2,00m each panel) will also be available.

This exhibition presents the Project fundaments, the Consortium and a set of selected Community Museums in each partner’s country or region. It is intended to be both a disseminating as a challenging tool: all suggestions allowing us to improve our data bases of community museums in the entire EU-LAC regions are most welcomed.

EU-LAC-MUSEUMS Project also strongly incentivizes possible interested users to digitally disseminate this exhibition.

All museums or similar institutions wanting to print in real size and present this exhibition are kindly invited to inform the Project (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), so to get permission and potentiate possible common interests. Those interested should also keep in mind that:

-the required space attains at least the total linear length of 27,2m (34 panels + 0,8m each, considering here the introductory panel in its single version); high is the same for all panels: 2,00m;

-the possibility to add real objects, or casts, preferably chosen among identity icons in each target community